3 Ways Daily Stretching Can Improve Your Overall Muscle Health

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3 Ways Daily Stretching Can Improve Your Overall Muscle Health

Published by Dr. Alden Clendenin

Recently, many of us have had to transition our homes into make-shift offices. Working from home without a proper desk or chair can put a lot of strain on our bodies. Most people are reporting an increase of neck, back and shoulder pain. If you are someone experiencing this kind of pain, an adjustment may be the right choice for you. Look for a chiropractor in Lincoln Park and find Sports Injury Centers. Our team is dedicated to making sure you get the personalized treatment you need. In the meantime, read how stretching can improve your overall muscle health.

1. Increases Blood Flow To Your Muscles

Daily stretching has been proven to improve the circulation of your blood. When your muscles get proper blood flow, this can help reduce pain and tension in areas you may be experiencing discomfort.

2. Improves Your Posture

Stretching is a great way to create proper alignment in your spine. This is something that you can work on while sitting at home. By simply being more aware of how you hold yourself, you can slowly ease your body into place with correct posture.

3. Helps Heal and Prevent Back Pain

If you don’t stretch often, chances are your muscles have tightened. This can lead to strain which in turn, causes a lot of pain. It is a good idea to stretch your body daily to reduce tightness in your back.

Looking for a Chiropractor in Lincoln Park?

Stretching is significantly important to the overall health of your muscles. At Sports Injury Centers, we know that professional alignments and adjustments are sometimes needed. Look for a chiropractor in Lincoln Park to schedule an appointment today. Tel: (312) 346-9355.

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