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Concussion Recovery

Published by Dr. Alden Clendenin

A common sports injury for those that play contact sports is a concussion. Unlike injuries such as a broken ankle or a knee injury, a concussion can be harder to notice. Symptoms of a concussion include blurred vision, a headache, difficulty focusing, etc. Often, concussions occur because of specific trauma to the head, such as falling and hitting your head. However, trauma such as whiplash can also cause a concussion. Once someone is believed to have a concussion, they need to be evaluated immediately to begin recovery, along with being assessed for anything more serious.

Recovery Steps

Concussions can last for different ranges of time, depending on the severity. It is hard to know how long the recovery will be because it is difficult to determine how bad the concussion is. Once someone has been diagnosed with a concussion, the most important thing is that they get rest. Aside from proper sleep, they need to avoid anything that is too exhausting.

Those recovering from a concussion need to avoid “high-risk” activities, such as playing sports, working with machinery, bike riding, etc. In addition to this, they need to limit physical activity. If they work at a job where they are constantly on their feet, the patient may have to wait to go back to work. Aside from physical activity, their brain needs to rest up a bit as well. Cognitive activities ought to be limited in order to allow for a full recovery.

Rest is extremely important, but it is also smart to avoid certain medications or substances because they can lead to a longer recovery. Speak to the specialist about any medications you are taking, particularly painkillers, sleep aids, or anti-anxiety medication. It likely goes without saying, but alcohol should be avoided until a full recovery is made. On the other hand, treatment such as nutrition supplements and acupuncture may speed up recovery.

Remember that if you or a loved one gets a concussion and symptoms do not lessen after three to five days, it is important to contact a specialist!

Concussion Recovery

Courtesy of: Sports-Health

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