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Top Tips for Staying Fit on Vacation

Published by Dr. Alden Clendenin

It is easy to get out of your routine and slip into some unhealthy habits when you are traveling. Here are some important tips for staying fit and looking your best on vacations!

Eat Before the Airport

Maybe it is the waiting time, the plethora of options, or the excitement of starting a trip, but there is something about traveling through an airport that makes people crave food. If you eat a regular balanced meal at home prior to your departure, you can skip the fast food at the airport and start your trip on a healthy note.

Stay in Routine

Depending on your weekly fitness routine, try to stay on track during your trip. Find creative ways to stay active. Also, don’t stray from your typical diet. The buffets and hotel snacks may be tempting, but stay in your healthy mentality to maintain your top fitness.

Work Out like the Locals

Embrace the city you are visiting and find out what the locals do for exercise. Climb the local mountains, go on a bike ride, do yoga, karate class, aquatic aerobics—whatever fits the area. Schedule it into your trip, and make it a fun event!

Beware of Alcohol

It’s vacation time, so it is time to cut loose and bring on the booze, right? Be careful! Alcoholic drinks can be dangerous for your fitness on a trip. Not only do drinks add a sneaky number of calories to your diet, but they will also diminish your drive to be active the next day. Decrease your risk of a hangover and choose light drinks over dark. The dark drinks have more compounds that can cause worse hangovers.

Other Helpful Tips

If you have the option, keep these other fitness tips in mind when planning your next vacation:

  • Choose a fitness friendly Hotel
  • Pack healthy snacks
  • Make some of your own meals
  • Visit food markets for local, fresh food

Remember not to push past your limits. Stay active in whatever activity makes you feel comfortable, and have fun doing it!

Courtesy of: Greatist

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