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Benefits of Massage Therapy

Published by Dr. Alden Clendenin

If you are suffering from back-related problems, massage therapy from our Lincoln Park chiropractors is a low-risk option to help you feel better. There aren’t only physical benefits of getting a massage, but there are also mental benefits due to the release of endorphins throughout your body. Regardless if you suffer from chronic back pain or acute back pain, massage therapy is a great option for you! Here are some other benefits of massage therapy.

Increase Blood Flow

Through massage therapy, your body will have increased blood flow and circulation. The manipulation of your skin and muscles, your body will naturally produce more blood flow, and this helps eliminate muscle soreness and tissue strain.

Decrease Muscle Tension

Because your muscles will be more relaxed during your massage, it can help improve the flexibility of your muscles. Many patients often complain that they have tight muscles, and during a massage, it is the goal of our Lincoln Park chiropractors to slowly but sure improve your muscle flexibility.

Increased Endorphins

The mental and psychological benefits of massage therapy are just as great as the physical benefits. During your massage, endorphins will be released, and this will increase the “feel good” chemicals inside of your brain. This can help ease any depression or anxiety that you are feeling as well as reduce pain and speed up recovery. This is important for those who are suffering from chronic back problems.

If you are interested in massage therapy, contact our Lincoln Park chiropractors to get started.

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