How the Cold Weather Affects Your Ability to Exercise

Posted on October 21st, 2019 by SICManage

Although it’s shaping up to be a warm fall, these beautiful temperatures won’t last forever. While for many of us, a sunny 60-degree day is ideal for a workout, some of us will continue to exercise outside well into the winter. This begs the question, is cold weather exercise good for our bodies? Here are […]

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The Importance of Warming Up Before Your Workout

Posted on October 21st, 2019 by SICManage

We all know what it’s like to show up late for a group workout or fitness class, and have no choice but to jump right into exercise without a proper warm-up. In the interest of time, many of us probably even start running immediately after stepping foot outside of our homes. Although it feels easy […]

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How to Recover from a Marathon

Posted on September 20th, 2019 by SICManage

If you’re training for a marathon, it’s understandable to focus all your efforts on your eating and training schedule before the race. However, one of the most important elements of your marathon experience is your recovery. Failing to properly recover from your marathon can increase your risk of injury, and limit your potential long-term. Aside […]

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Why Every Athlete Can Benefit from Yoga

Posted on September 20th, 2019 by SICManage

We are all familiar with yoga in some way or another. Yet, many people still consider it to be solely a form of stretching and do not realize the benefits it has for serious athletes, such as those who visit the Chiropractor in West Loop. NFL players and ultramarathoners alike have found it to be […]

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Try These Alternative Protein Sources

Posted on August 9th, 2019 by SICManage

Our chiropractors in Chicago know that even meat lovers can use a break from meat products once in a while! Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or simply trying to expand your palette, there are plenty of different meat and protein alternatives on the market right now. Try incorporating the following into your diet, and you could […]

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