Stay Healthy With Acupuncture

Published on December 29th, 2016

Though one of the oldest forms of medicine available, acupuncture is still not a commonly used treatment in the United States. Here at Chicago Chiropractic and Sports Injury Centers, we offer acupuncture with licensed acupuncturist, Heidi Sauhammel. This ancient treatment is able to help with your overall health in many ways, from migraine reduction to boosting your immune system.

Your Body

Every part of your body can benefit in some way from acupuncture. There are many people that experience seasonal allergies, migraines, acid reflux, high blood pressure, and back pain. Acupuncture can help with all of these! With regular sessions, acupuncture has been proven to help reduce symptoms of everything from allergies to acid reflux. Additionally, your immune cells that destroy infections can be boosted through acupuncture.

Your Mind

Study after study show that those that are sleep deprived are less healthy than those that are not. If you suffer from insomnia, or just have trouble sleeping, acupuncture may be the right treatment for you. This is because acupuncture is able to increase the production of your neurotransmitters that help with relaxation and sleep. Not only can it help with sleep, but also weekly acupuncture treatments have been shown to help those suffering from depression.

Essentially, acupuncture can help in all aspects of your life. Whether you are having weight problems, back pain, allergies, migraines, etc., there is scientific evidence that backs up the use of acupuncture. Get started on your journey with Sports Injury Centers today. You’ll be able to discuss the health problems you want to address, and the right solution based on these issues. Schedule a consultation before the year ends!



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