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Chiropractic: A Key to America’s Opioid Exit Strategy

Published by Dr. Alden Clendenin

Opioid addiction is becoming more and more prevalent across the country, and doctors continue to prescribe narcotics rather than a more holistic option. Chiropractic care ought to be a first line of defense in many of these cases, from back pain to migraines. By avoiding the introduction of pain relievers, we find that patients are able to take care of their pain in a healthier way, without relying on addictive opioids.

Facts and Figures

Chiropractic is the first line of stopping the increasing opioid addiction throughout the country. In 1992, there were 112 million opioid prescriptions, whereas there were 249 million in 2015. Sales of prescription pain relievers in 2010 were four times the sales in 1999, and in 2009, six times the amount of people were admitted into substance use treatment in 1999. It is hard to not see the correlation between the increase in prescriptions and the influx of patients to a rehabilitation center. According to the American Society of Medicine, there were more than twenty thousand overdose deaths related to prescription pain relievers in 2016 alone.

How Chiropractic Can Help

When it comes to pain relief, no treatment has proven to be exponentially more effective than another. However, holistic treatments have zero negative effects in the long run, whereas prescription pain relievers clearly do. Chiropractors provide first-line treatment for pain. We do not use any drugs or surgery, and all of our chiropractors earn at least seven years of higher education prior to practicing. By seeking chiropractic care, you can learn about natural treatments and how to relieve your pain without relying on opioids.

Schedule an appointment today with Chicago Chiropractic and Sports Injury Centers! We can discuss how chiropractic care prevents the introduction of drugs through holistic care, and how this is more beneficial for you in the long run.

Chiropractic: A Key to America’s Opioid Exit Strategy

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