5 Myths of Physical Therapy for Improving Running Performance

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Chiropractors in Chicago, IL on Myths That Surround Running

Published by Dr. Alden Clendenin

Running is a popular exercise that many people rely on as their main form of exercise, or at least include in their regular workout routine. This is because running is known for improving endurance, weight loss, muscle gain, and has many more benefits. However, whether you love running or hate it, there are a number of warnings that surround this common exercise.

While some warnings are actually reasonable tips, such as wearing the proper shoes and running on even surfaces, others are myths that can make people hesitant to add running to their exercise regimen.

5 Running Myths

Myth 1: You Should Run Every Day

The truth about running is that, just like any other exercise, it should not be done every day. Overtraining the same muscles repeatedly can increase the risk of injury and cause unnecessary wear and tear. Running five or even six days a week is not essential for everyone, but even the most advanced athletes usually perform better when they allow themselves a day or more of rest between exercises.

Myth 2: Runners Don’t Need Strength Training

Strength training benefits your running capability by strengthening supporting muscles throughout your body. For example, a strong upper body will help you maintain proper running form, thereby decreasing your risk of injury and increasing endurance.

Myth 3: Running Regularly Means No Diet Necessary

Even runners have to watch what they eat in order to maintain an appropriate body weight and general physical health. Calories may be burned while you run, but they are not shed as quickly as one might think.

Myth 4: Eat High Amounts of Carbs Before A Big Race

The truth is, while carbohydrates are important, the myth that you should eat an extreme amount of pasta before your next big race is not entirely true. It is wise to increase your carb load close to a long competition, but doing so over a period of days leading up to the race, in small portions, is all you need.

Myth 5: Treadmills Fall Short

There is a myth that states running on a treadmill somehow does not allow a runner to get as much out of their workout as if they ran on a track or outdoor terrain. However, in reality, there is little to no difference in the results seen from running on a treadmill versus running outside.

Run Better – Physical Therapy in West Loop

At Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers, we offer clients a number of therapy and treatment plan options to help reduce muscle tension, strengthen the body, improve running form, endurance, and decrease the risk of injury. We also aid in healing existing injuries sustained from exercise. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our trained chiropractors if you are looking to improve your running performance with physical therapy in Chicago’s Loop.

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