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Common Shoulder Injuries

Published by Dr. Alden Clendenin

With many sports, your shoulders experience lots of wear and tear. If you play tennis, basketball, swim, etc., you are at a high risk of a shoulder injury. Three common shoulder injuries include a SLAP tear, shoulder instability, and a rotator cuff injury. All three injuries can severely decrease your athletic performance, and without treatment, can cause you to miss out on playing your sport for a long time. For treatment, consider one of the best chiropractors in Chicago: Sports Injury Centers!


This shoulder injury is a tear to the ring of cartilage around your shoulder’s socket. For those that play basketball, tennis, volleyball, etc., and have to repeatedly perform overhead motions, this is a common injury. This injury develops and becomes exacerbated by continuous movement. You’ll notice that lifting objects becomes difficult and painful, and that you have an ache in your shoulder that cannot be pinpointed. Treatment depends on severity, and can be surgical or non-surgical. Rehabilitation will be involved either way, and your chiropractors in Chicago will be able to help with this!

Shoulder Instability

Along with a SLAP tear, shoulder instability can happen when an athlete participates in repetitive motions. However, contact sports cause this injury often as well, such as football or hockey. Essentially, your ligaments, tendons, and muscles are unable to secure your shoulder joint, leading to dislocation or subluxation. You’ll feel a sudden onset of pain, along with arm weakness and/or swelling and bruising. You will want to seek treatment immediately when this occurs.

Rotator Cuff Injury

Of the shoulder injuries, this one is extremely well known, as it can happen to basically any athlete. You’ll notice weakness in the shoulder, along with pain at night and when you move a certain way. When you have rotator cuff syndrome, contact your chiropractors in Chicago. We are able to treat this condition with holistic medicine, meaning you won’t have to suffer through surgery.

If you experience a shoulder injury playing sports, contact Sports Injury Centers. Our talented team of chiropractors in Chicago is ready to help!

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