Enjoy an Active Valentine’s Day

Published on February 9th, 2017

It can be easy to get in the habit of going out to dinner for a date, but if you would rather do something active this Valentine’s Day, there are many things you can do instead! Fortunately, being in the Chicagoland area means you have access to lots of classes, running paths, and more that can make an active Valentine’s Day possible; however, it is important that you figure out if you want to spend any time outside in February!

Take A Class

Many classes can be extremely active, especially if it is a fitness class! However, you can also take a dance class together, a cooking class, or something different. With a cooking class, you can learn healthy recipes that you can use for more than just the day. You may find that you love doing what you take a class for and are able to learn a new skill!

Take in Chicago

Living in Chicago or the surrounding area means that you have access to a huge variety of shows, from comedy to concerts. Pick a show where you would be on your feet for most of it, such as a local band or jazz club. Enjoy a night full of dancing and possibly discovering a new band! Additionally, there are many other fun events you could go to. There are many places to go ice skating in the city, or go on a bike ride if it is nice enough out. You could also try something completely new, like laser tag or an arcade!

In general, an active date is a good way to break up the routine of seeing a movie or going to dinner. Seeing a show, taking a cooking class, going ice-skating, etc. are all a healthier way to spend Valentine’s Day! You can also consider treating yourself to a couples massage if you decide to do something active to relax afterwards.



Courtesy of: Men’s Fitness

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