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Why Am I Experiencing Neck Pain?

Published by Dr. Alden Clendenin

Most of us that have some amount of neck pain believe it is because of bad posture, sleeping on it funny, or stems from our back pain. While your neck pain Chicago could easily be because of any of those reasons, there are many other culprits of neck pain. If you consistently experience neck pain, come visit one of our four locations! We will be able to pinpoint the pain, and be able to come up with a personalized treatment. See if any of the following could be the cause of your neck pain so you can take steps to prevent this!


At this point, most of us are on our phone more often than we should be. While checking your phone is unavoidable, if you spend a significant amount of time looking down at your phone, your head is putting a lot of weight on your neck. Bad posture is a huge cause of neck pain, and texting/being on your phone typically ends in terrible posture. Try to look forward when on your phone instead of down all the time—the same goes for those on their laptops at work!

Every Day Life

In general, being stressed, carrying lots of weight in your purse or backpack, smoking, and even chewing gum can lead to neck pain! When you are stressed, your muscle tension increases, particularly in the neck and head. Fortunately, spending some time meditating or taking yoga, or finding out what de-stresses you, will help. Another factor includes carrying lots of weight in your purse or backpack; try to even out the weight with another bag or take less with you! In general, smoking is a terrible habit, but it can also increase your neck pain. The New Year is the perfect time to quit the habit, so research best practices to quit smoking. One surprising factor is habitually chewing gum, as it stresses the jaw, which can lead to neck pain.

Neck Pain Chicago

Discuss with Chicago Chiropractic and Sports Injury Centers to see how we can help your neck pain decrease today!

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