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Myths About Strength Training

Published by Dr. Alden Clendenin

Women tend to stick with cardio workouts to lose weight, even though studies have shown that strength training can do more good to help you lose weight, boost metabolism, and more. However, there are many myths out there about strengthening moves, so it is important to find out the truth so you can be healthier and slimmer.

Lifting Heavy Weights

Everyone has heard that women shouldn’t lift heavy weights because it will cause them to bulk up and look huge. Many fitness instructors advise women not to lift over three pounds, however women carry much more than that every day, whether at work or home. Bodybuilders spend years working on their muscles, whether they be male or female, but as long as you have a caloric deficit and lift weights that fit your fitness level, you will look toned and your muscles will be strong, not bulked up or massive.

Spot Reducing

Most people would love to hear that they could do a few ab crunches to tone their abs and waistlines, but sadly that can’t happen. Side bends and sit ups can reduce the size of the waist/stomach, but only if you eat healthily. Whether you have a large stomach, small bust or flabby arms, there isn’t much you can do because you will slim down all over as you continue to lose weight. Therefore, when you are at your target weight, you will likely have a slim figure, though if you tend to eat fried foods, you may hold more fat in the stomach area.


Everyone says that to lose weight, you have to incorporate a lot of cardio. They think of running on the treadmill for hours, which can work, but you’ll tire yourself out and decide not to stay with the routine. Strength training can offer a more efficient way to lose weight than the same amount of cardio because the muscle breaks down on purpose and rebuilds itself. This process burns a lot more calories than cardio because it uses up more muscles.


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