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Neck Pain Treatment

Published by Dr. Alden Clendenin

For people who suffer with neck pain, their doctor may conduct a series of examinations and later suggest the assistance of physical therapy to help improve or eliminate the pain. Neck pain is a very severe issue and can significantly limit mobility by preventing head turns and the ability to move the head in an upward or downward motion. It also interferes with performing everyday activities such as exercising or sleeping. A physical therapist can assess the issues with the neck and then suggest a variety of treatment options, one of which may be cervical traction.

Cervical Traction In Chicago

There are many components that cervical traction works to treat including decrease of pressure experienced in the neck areas, which works to relieve pressure off of the disc. The pressure is relieved from the area that rests between the spinal bones in the neck. It is also beneficial in expanding spaces of the exit area in the spinal canal; this works to reduce the amount of pressure that exists on compressed nerves. Traction is also very beneficial in stretching the muscles and joints that are around the neck area. If any of these sound like the areas that you are experiencing pain in, it may be wise to consider cervical traction.

Chicago Neck Pain Therapists

There are a few areas that lead physical therapists to suggest cervical traction for their patients. Many people who are suffering from bulging or herniated discs in the neck will find this to be a great option. Other symptoms that may lead to a suggestion of cervical traction include arthritis or strains in the neck and muscle spasms of the cervix. All of these symptoms can be quite frustrating and often lead to extremely uncomfortable conditions. Most professionals will examine all alternatives before suggesting any method of treatment for these types of conditions, but cervical traction is a commonly utilized approach.

Cervical traction is applied in various ways and the method best for you should be discussed in detail with the therapist or chiropractor. The patient’s level of comfort is always considered and highly maintained during every phase of the treatment process. Most people are familiar with manual cervical traction in which the therapist or chiropractor uses his or her hands to provide traction, force, or pulling of the neck. Other forms of traction include mechanical and over the door methods. Regardless of the type of cervical traction elected, always communicate with the person providing treatment if the level of pain worsens during the procedure.

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