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Published on September 14th, 2017

Our focus has always been about helping our patients recover from pain and injury and to perform at their best. We provide a wide range of services at all four of our locations so our patients can get treatment in the course of their busy day. We are proud of the work we do and the success we have with our patients and are always striving to do more.

Five-Minute Workout With Better Results

We recently found a program that perfectly builds on the service we provide at Chicago Chiropractic and Sports Injury Centers. It’s called POE Strength Training. POE’s mission is to safely and time efficiently strengthen the human body in order to perform better and reduce the occurrence of injury. POE was created by Dr. Waide Miller and is based on the latest thinking in exercise science.

Look, Feel, and Perform Better

POE focuses on increasing muscle and strength. Clients work with a POE-certified personal trainer who is obsessed with correct form The POE trainer ensures clients get maximum benefit from every movement without injury. POE clients are in and out of the studio in only five minutes. The workout is intense and at the same time virtually eliminates next day soreness. It’s the safest form of strength training we’ve seen to date. POE clients are getting better results in 15 minutes per week than they were when working out for hours in the gym. The main reasons people don’t start or stay with a fitness program are injury, time, soreness, and cost. POE is the first program we’ve seen that completely addresses these barriers. What’s best is that it works for everyone; high-end athletes, weekend warriors, men, women, teens, and seniors.

See How POE Can Help You!

When one of our chiropractors, Dr. Bocci, first tried it, he thought, WOW this is incredible! Our patients would get tremendous benefit from this program. After a few months of discussions, the POE team decided to open a studio across the hall from our Loop office. Our patients get a $20.00 discount for the first six months, no matter which location you frequent. Call Tom at 312-489-9440 to start! Learn more by visiting their website here.

POE Strength Training

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