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Quick Lower Back Pain Facts

Published by Dr. Alden Clendenin

It is estimated that around ten percent of the entire population suffers from some degree of back pain, which measures out to be nearly 750 million people. Though many turn to prescriptions to help with their back pain, chiropractic care may actually be the better choice. In addition to being a holistic option, it provides preventative care for future back pain. For those suffering from chronic lower back pain, chiropractic is a way to avoid harmful prescriptions. Here are some little-known facts about lower back pain:

  • Cost: Lower back pain is estimated to cost Americans up to fifty billion dollars a year just for treatment; this does not even cover health insurance costs, lost wages, legal bills, and more!
  • Thirty percent of women experience lower back pain, whereas about 25% of men experience lower back pain. Fifty percent of pregnant women experience lower back pain.
  • While some reports state that 90% of these cases are “cured” within four to six weeks, this is inaccurate. Over sixty percent of patients are still experiencing back pain after a year, and within two years, the same lower back pain resurfaces for nearly 80% of patients.
  • More than thirty percent of back pain sufferers state that the pain prevents them from proper sleep, exercising, and running errands.
  • Over half of Americans with back pain have jobs that require them to sit for most of the day.
  • While only a third of people with back pain go to a doctor for this pain, lower back pain is still the fifth most common reason patients see a doctor.

In addition to these statistics, most people never determine the exact cause of their pain. With chiropractic care, we spend time finding the root cause of any pain, as this makes it possible to properly diagnose and treat any pain you are experiencing. Schedule an appointment with Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers today!


Courtesy of: Illinois Back Institute

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