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Tips For Improving Posture

Published by Dr. Alden Clendenin

The Woes of Slouching

It is no surprise just how much damage bad posture can do to the human body. Constant slouching can negatively impact the spine, muscle and joint health, digestion, and even breathing.

If you are like most people, you likely spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or looking down at your phone or computer. Such day-to-day habits can ruin attempts to improve posture by bringing our eyes and chin downward, and exhausting back muscles with inactivity. While these are common reasons for posture mishaps, there are many more causes to consider.

Helpful Tips to Combat Bad Posture

Learning how to combat bad physical habits is the key to maintaining good posture. Try remembering these helpful tips if you are trying to attain the kind of posture that will earn you some height.

  • Actively be aware of when you slouch. Pay attention to the times when slouching is instinctive, such as when you sit down to drive or look at your phone. Watch your neck, back, and shoulders. When you feel yourself slouching, pull those shoulders back and straighten up.
  • Stand confidently. Have you ever met someone who oozed confidence that didn’t stand up straight? It is unlikely. You always look your best when you stand tall, and not only that, it’s good for your back. It should feel like the top of your head is reaching towards the sky.
  • Lean back instead of forward. Use the back of your chair to support your spine and keep your shoulders up.
  • Be careful of your phone. We all occupy time on our phones, and most of us do it much too often. Constantly looking down at your phone screen and tilting your neck downwards can harm your spine. Be mindful of this habit, stretch your neck, and try to hold your phone closer to eye level when using it.
  • Sit closer to the steering wheel. When we drive, many of us slouch or recline. If you sit close enough to the steering wheel that you are forced to sit up straighter, this will be better for your posture.
  • Avoid high heels when you can. High heeled shoes are notoriously bad for your back. Because of this, they can negatively impact your posture. Short heels are safer to wear, especially if they are wide and thick.
  • If your body shape can tolerate it, try sleeping on a firmer mattress. Firm mattresses are usually better for the health of your spine, which in turn is good for your posture. Also, avoid sleeping on your stomach entirely. Your back will thank you.
  • Exercising your core can help support your spine. This means that strong ab muscles are a great tool for improving your posture.
  • Visit a chiropractor. Many people who have poor posture also have back and/or neck pain. This, or other related conditions, send patients to chiropractors to receive adjustments, advice, and pain relief.

Chiropractor Near Lincoln Park

If you are searching for a reliable chiropractor in Chicago to treat pain caused from bad posture, or help you work towards improving your posture, reach out to Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers. Our dedicated professionals are here for you.

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