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What Can Custom Orthotics Do For You?

Published by Dr. Alden Clendenin

If you’re searching greater Chicago, Lincoln Park or other areas for orthotics, you need to come to Chicago Chiropractic and Sports Injury Centers. Custom orthotics are prescription medical devices worn inside your shoes. Here are four ways that they can help you.

1. Support for your feet – Far better than over-the-counter orthotics, custom orthotics provide support for the anatomical arches of your feet to give you more stability while standing and walking. Custom orthotics can also help correct pronation (collapsed arches) and supination (high arches).

2. Protection for your joints – When you walk, run or jump, the force applied to joints in your feet, legs and spine is equivalent to several times your weight. Custom orthotics can help your feet support the force load of your body, distributing the pressure more evenly across the surface of your feet, relieving pressure on your joints.

3. Pain reduction – Misalignment in foot structure can cause significant pain in other parts of the body as the body struggles to adjust and compensate for poor foot alignment. Custom orthotics can help alleviate pain caused by biomechanical misalignments and promote healing.

4. Better athletic performance – When your body is well aligned, you’re able to perform better when playing sports. Not only do custom orthotics reduce your chances of injury, but research has shown they can help you jump higher and enjoy a better sense of balance and body position.

Chicago Lincoln Park Orthotics ­– Custom Orthotics

If you know you have a foot problem or think your feet may be causing problems in other parts of your body, come by any of our centers for a free consultation with one of our orthotics specialists and find out if custom orthotics are right for you.

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