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2 minutes read

Why Every Athlete Can Benefit from Yoga

Published by Dr. Alden Clendenin

We are all familiar with yoga in some way or another. Yet, many people still consider it to be solely a form of stretching and do not realize the benefits it has for serious athletes, such as those who visit the Chiropractor in West Loop. NFL players and ultramarathoners alike have found it to be an incredibly beneficial addition to their training routines, and here are just a few of the reasons why.

Heightened Power

Power and speed are directly related to our body’s mechanics and function. When our body is properly aligned, we are able to exhibit force more efficiently, meaning we can punch, throw, jump, and run more explosively.

Improved Endurance

Yoga is a great way to improve posture, opening your lungs and therefore increasing respiratory capacity. For runners, and those who play sports involving a lot of cardio, such as soccer, swimming or basketball, enhancing circulation and lung capacity is invaluable.

Better Balance

Anyone who has practiced yoga understands that it can greatly build your body awareness, involving balance, stability, and proprioception. Your balance is crucial to any sport that you choose to play.

Injury Prevention

If you’ve been injured in the middle of the season, you understand how devastating it can be. As mentioned above, yoga improves body awareness and mechanics, which drastically reduces the risk of injury.

Enhanced Recovery

Most relevant to your chiropractor in West Loop, yoga is a great way to recover from your sports-related injury. Yoga improves circulation and increases strength and endurance, and has been known to speed up the healing process for athletes.

Luckily, Sports Injury Centers offers yoga classes at our West Loop location! Contact your chiropractor in West Loop for more information, or to schedule your complimentary yoga session.

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