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Faster Recovery Through Compression!

Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers is proud to announce that we offer recovery boots through Elevated Legs! We understand the importance of training, but we also know how consistent training can lead to muscle soreness, fatigue, increased risk of injury, and more. Proper recovery is required in order to keep your body healthy. With Elevated Legs, you’ll be able to assist in a faster recovery, enabling you to get back to training!

Intermittent compression with Elevated Legs provides increased blood flow, which helps speed up your body’s natural process of recovering from an intense workout. The microdamage your muscle fibers experience during training leads to inflammation and metabolic waste build up; compression sessions in Elevated Legs allows your body to increase the rate at which it naturally fixes the microdamage and removes the metabolic waste. Because your body feels more refreshed and your muscles are less fatigued or sore, you are able to fully take advantage of your next workout.

All four locations will provide care in Recovery Boots on-site, as well as have them up for sale.

To learn more about the recovery boots offered at our offices, please call your location today!


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