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Ultrasound Therapy and Phonophoresis in Chicago, IL

Why Is Ultrasound Used in Chiropractic & Physical Therapy?

One might wonder how something like ultrasound can bring tangible, benefits to Chiropractic and Physical Therapy treatments. After all, Chiropractic and Physical Therapy is the practice of helping people heal and maintain health.

The idea of using ultrasound therapy in Chiropractic and Physical Therapy uses sound waves to reduce inflammation, spasm, break up scar tissue, and promote healthy tissue metabolism. Ultrasound therapy sedates and increases metabolic flow to tissue while increasing cell membrane permeability.

This procedure is non-invasive and can be used for acute and chronic conditions, inflammation, tightness, as well as injury to soft tissue.


Phonophoresis uses ultrasound to push various botanicals and supplemental ingredients into the cellular membrane to accelerate healing and encourages tissues to absorb these supplementals at a deeper level. Ultrasound therapy with phonophoresis can lessen recovery time and improve the body’s healing.

Although the range of conditions is wide, some common ailments treated with phonophoresis include tendonitis, carpal tunnel, bursitis, sprains, ligament injuries, strains, arthritis, and many more.

Ultrasound Therapy in Lincoln Park, Chicago Loop, Skokie, and West Loop

Take advantage of the Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center’s state of the art Ultrasound Therapy applications, in addition to our many other services and modalities.

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