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Preventative Back Pain Strategies

Published by Dr. Alden Clendenin

As more jobs for Americans lead us indoors and into office chairs, back pain continues to become increasingly common in the United States. The U.S. National Library of Medicine reports that eight out of ten people are affected by back pain at some point in their lives. As a chiropractor in Chicago, the Sports Injury Centers sees how chronic back pain diminishes our patients’ quality of life.

Of course, ‘back pain’ is a general term and there are many different causes. However, if you’re willing to act to prevent problems, you’re much less likely to have debilitating back pain.


As with any type of injury, exercise is one of the best prevention strategies. Exercise strengthens your bones and muscles and helps you maintain a healthy weight. People who are overweight are at a much higher risk for back pain.

Lift, push and pull without stressing your back

Learn to exert yourself the right way. Constantly lifting, pushing or pulling with the wrong technique puts undue stress on your back. This can cause both acute and chronic back pain.

Change Sleeping/Sitting Positions

If you sit at a desk all day, your posture is very important for the health of your back. Be sure to maintain good posture throughout the day. Also, if you sleep on a mattress that is too soft, your spine may develop a curvature. The American Chiropractic Association recommends using a medium firmness mattress.

See a Chiropractor in Chicago

Chiropractors and other alternative treatments for those suffering chronic back pain have become much more popular. Deep tissue massage and hands-on manipulation have been increasingly shown to treat and prevent back pain.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is bad for your overall health. The toxins in cigarette smoke make it more difficult to get the nutrients you need in your back. People who smoke are more likely to have back pain.

When your back pain is stopping you from getting to work, or just lowering your quality of life, it’s time to act. Visit a chiropractor in Chicago and make that visit to Sports Injury Centers. We help patients with back pain improve their everyday lives with hands-on treatment. We can also discuss pain management strategies for you to do on your own.

Give us a call at (630)428-2299 to schedule an appointment today. Or visit the rest of our website to learn more about what to expect and how we can help.

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