How Custom Orthotics Can Help You

Published on March 11th, 2019

Don’t underestimate the power of custom foot orthotics and the benefits that they can provide your body. When patients visit our Chicago chiropractors in pain, they are surprised to learn about the powerful benefits of custom orthotics. They are considered a medical device that can provide the necessary cushion and arch support for your conditions. Custom orthotics are not only efficient, but they are also cost-effective!

Help Balance Body Weight

The way in which your body weight is distributed has a huge impact on your posture and how your body is supported in different areas. Custom orthotics are ideal to help provide you enough support where you need it the most and help prevent pain from developing in certain spots.

Prevent Pain

Custom foot orthotics can help protect your feet against foot ulcers, calluses, corns and foot injuries. Because your feet will feel more comfortable, their functionality will improve as well!

Correct Foot Abnormalities

While generic shoe inserts can help provide extra cushion, they are not ideal for correcting foot abnormalities such as high arches, collapsed arches, supination or pronation. Custom foot orthotics are also ideal for those who have separate foot-related issues. One foot may have abnormalities while the other could be healthy.

Enhance Sports Performance

Athletes always want to be able to perform their best. If you are experiencing pain or injuries, visit our Chicago chiropractors so that they can help fit you with orthotics that will immediately lower your risk of injury.  Your foot, leg and body will be better-aligned.

If you are interested in seeing the benefits that custom foot orthotics have to offer, contact our team at Sports Injury Centers today!

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