New to Running? Here Are a Few Things You Can Do

Published on May 9th, 2020

It’s no secret that running is a great form of exercise. Many people elect to go running because it can relieve stress, get you outside after a long day in the office, provide a social outlet in running clubs, and, most importantly, it can improve your overall health and wellness. If you’re new to running, or considering getting started, here are a few things to keep in mind, from your chiropractor in Chicago.

Make Time to Stretch

This is the most important aspect of nearly every workout, and running is no exception! Especially when your body is adapting to a new running routine, it’s common to feel stiff and sore. As your chiropractor in Chicago, we recommend stretching before and after you run in order to help with the preparation and cool down. It will also improve your flexibility and keep you healthy!

Reflect on the Reason You Decided to Start Running

Whether you realize it or not, there’s probably a concrete reason behind your decision to start running. You may be committing to bettering your health, running in honor of someone close to you, raising money for charity, or looking to improve your physique. After the first few runs, the excitement and motivation for your new activity may wear off. Focus on why you started in the first place to remind yourself to keep going!

Consider Joining a Group

Even if you like to keep running as your “alone” time, meeting up with others in a group is a great way to keep yourself running. Not only can these people hold you accountable on your runs, but you can learn from more experienced runners and even make some new friends. Also, if you’re planning to run a race with other people around you, this can help you prepare!

Invest in Good Running Shoes

As you begin your running journey, you may start to take note of your personal running style. Depending on how your feet hit the ground, your feet might supinate, retain a neutral foot strike, or overpronate. Don’t know what these terms mean? No problem. Consider visiting your local running store to speak with a professional. They will be able to recommend the correct shoe type for your body, which will help keep you safe in the long-run!

Contact Your Chiropractor in Chicago

For more information regarding your overall health and wellness as you begin your running journey, contact our team today!

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