Running With Back Pain

Published on February 12th, 2016

Many runners experience some form of sports injury, whether it be a strain, torn ligament, or muscle tension. Oftentimes, these occur in the back. Once this injury is treated (by a chiropractor!), it is important to make small tweaks to your running regime in order to prevent further injuries and make running with back pain manageable.

Warm Up

Back injuries, particularly in the lower back, are more likely when a proper warm up is not completed. A thorough warm up includes the abs, lower back, and leg muscles. Things like gradually building your speed, aerobic exercises, and yoga are all good to incorporate into your warm up to prevent further back injuries.

Cool Down

As with your warm up, your cool down needs to exist in order to prevent soreness and further injury. Walking at the end of your run for about three minutes and yoga are both great cool down exercises.


Proper footwear will make or break your workout. Invest in the right footwear by visiting a specialist or specific running shoe store so that you will know if you are over or under pronating at all, as well as arch height and stride length. If your shoes are worn down, it is time to replace them. Break in your shoes with a shorter run.


Your running form has a lot to do with any back pain you are experiencing. Keep your shoulders relaxed and do not move your arms across your body. Your stride should be shorter and faster rather than longer, and your strike ought to be mid-foot to toes. Improving your form will make your work out more effective and prevent further back injuries.

Any sports injury or back pain can likely be treated with chiropractic care. With proper treatment and care, you will not have to deal with running with back pain any longer. Contact Sports Injury Centers to schedule an appointment at any one of our four locations.

Back Pain


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