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Signs of Scoliosis

Published by Dr. Alden Clendenin

Those who suffer from scoliosis have a spine that is not naturally straight. A healthy spine has a shape with a curve at the top of the shoulder in addition to a curve at the lower portion of the back. The American Association of Neurological Surgeons reports that roughly 80 percent of scoliosis cases do not have an identifiable cause. When causes are known, they include genetic conditions, birth defects and neurological abnormalities. Our Chicago chiropractor recommends being aware of the warning signs that scoliosis is developing.


Common symptoms of scoliosis include the following:

  • Hips that are uneven
  • A spine that rotates
  • One shoulder blade is higher than the other
  • One shoulder blade sticks out more than the other
  • Breathing problems due to a reduced chest area where lungs cannot fully expand
  • General back pain

Keep in mind that girls are more prone to developing severe types of scoliosis than boys are.

Diagnosing Scoliosis

First, a physical exam of your spine will be taken to help determine whether or not you have scoliosis. Imaging tests may be necessary if the doctor needs to get a closer look at a particular area of your spine. Examples of imaging scans include x-rays, MRI scan, CT scan, or a bone scan.

Treatment Options

Your age, if you’ll still continue to grow, the severity and the type of scoliosis all play a roll in treatment. Common options include bracing or surgery.

If you believe that you or a loved one is suffering from scoliosis, don’t hesitate to contact our Chicago chiropractor today.

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