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Chiropractic Services in the Loop

Published by Dr. Alden Clendenin

Any avid athlete will tell you that consistent training for any sport can lead to muscle soreness, fatigue, and possible injuries. Maintaining a healthy body does not only consist of your workout, but also of your recovery and care. Chiropractic therapy is an easy way to keep your body properly aligned and joints running smoothly after an intense workout or when recovering from an injury. At our Loop location we offer chiropractic therapy with trained and licensed doctors and certified medical professionals.

What is Chiropractic Therapy?

Founded in 1895, chiropractic therapy is the manual manipulation of the spine to relieve pain, improve the functioning of the joints and relieve many other unpleasant symptoms. These days it is used as a way to treat symptoms without having to undergo a medical procedure that may require weeks of recovery and without medicines that may have unwanted side effects. In addition to the manual manipulation of the spine and joints, our Loop chiropractors may suggest stretching exercises, ice and heat and changes in diet or lifestyle to experience the full benefits of chiropractic therapy. Many people choose to seek chiropractic after they experience an injury or as a regular part of their wellness plan.

Different types of Chiropractic Therapy

Everyone’s visit to the chiropractor is different and every treatment plan is customized to best suit an individual patient. Some typical chiropractic manipulations treat problem areas in the back and hip, the joints, or the neck. There is also a low-force manipulation that is safe to use on elderly patients as well as infants or toddlers. Treatment varies from doctor to doctor just as each patient’s needs are different. Other factors that may affect the type of treatment you receive may include your height, the chiropractors height, and where they studied and became licensed. Finding the right chiropractic services in the Loop can be complicated, but at Chicago Chiropractic and Sports Injury Centers, we listen to your needs and adjust the treatment plan as necessary.

What to Expect After my Chiropractic Session

Chiropractic Therapy is a medicine and surgery free way to improve your overall health. You will experience pain relief, reduce muscle soreness resulting from workouts, improved sleep, and and increase in overall flexibility. If you are looking for any of these results, call our Loop location today to chat with our medical professionals about a chiropractic therapy session that may be right for you.

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