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What is Myofascial Release Therapy?

Published by Dr. Alden Clendenin

Myofascial release therapy can be used to treat myofascial pain syndrome (MPS), a chronic pain disorder marked by tightness or sensitivity in the myofascial tissues. Myofascial tissue is a thin, fibrous connective tissue which supports and protects your muscles and bones. A trained therapist may be able to help someone with MPS using myofascial release therapy, which aims to ease the tension around the person’s trigger points.

What to Expect

If it’s your first session, your therapist will begin by asking you questions about your pain experience and physical triggers. They will then gently massage the myofascial tissue, searching for tight or firm sections. To release tension, the therapist will massage and stretch the targeted areas, repeating the process as needed. Following your appointment, you may notice reduced pain, reduced fascial tension, and/or increased range of motion.

Can Anyone Else Benefit from This Therapy?

Those with MPS are not the only ones who can benefit from this type of massage therapy in West Loop. Individuals who struggle with chronic headaches are sometimes good candidates for myofascial release therapy, focusing on the neck and head. Others with venous insufficiency may also see a positive impact on their condition through this therapy (in addition to other treatments).

Massage Therapy – West Loop

The Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center provides a wide range of treatments geared towards helping athletes and non-athletes alike live a more pain-free life. If you are interested in scheduling a session or have a question, please contact the location nearest to you for more information.

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